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I know what you're thinking; 'Fran, didn't you write that post about how badly you did at an interview? Weren't we all surprised when you got that job?'...and the answer to both is clearly, yes.
But, in the two years postgrad that it took me to get to that very bad interview, I did finally manage to get the application part right, and I know a lot of us want to break into social media and marketing, so I'm going to share what I learned, and hope you make more use of it than I did.

With the debates that have been happening in social media, lately, it can be easy to feel as though bloggers still aren't taken seriously by the marketing (or journalism) industry, and a lot of us still don't list 'blogging' on our CV, or glaze over it. The truth is, though, that blogging and running your own social media accounts to fit your blog's image - conducting yourself in a relatively professional manner online, or working to a 'theme' - seriously shows the kind of skills that those recruiters are looking for. Having that kind of hands-on practice of keeping your social presence consistent is something that can't be taught, and shows that you can adapt to your audience.

Stating the obvious, much? But hear me out: there is so much that we do as bloggers, but take for granted. Do you use SocialBlade? Check your DA rank every time it's updated? Have a basic grasp of SEO? Know how to schedule tweets, and check how successful they were? These are all skills they need! This is hands-on, real life, knowledge of analytics.
The same goes for those blog photo editing and layout skills - whether you're doing them on Photoshop or PicMonkey, most companies are glad to have someone who can edit photos quickly on their social team.

This is probably one of the most important tips I can give; as a blogger, whether you've worked with brands or just read a lot of blogs that feature campaigns, you have a lot of insight into which brands are doing it right. Those brands whose social campaigns seem to be everywhere for weeks at a time? That one event that everyone seemed to be invited to, and took over your entire Instagram feed? Those are the ones you want to make note of. Literally. Get a notebook and just jot them down whenever you can, so you have a list of references ready to go, when it comes to a trial task or an interview. It'll put you above and beyond so many other candidates, and show you have your finger on the pulse.

I am the first to admit, I never really took my LinkedIn seriously until a few months ago, but it's probably the best online tool for finding vacancies in any field, let alone social media and marketing.
The great thing about LinkedIn is that you can upload presentations, articles, blog posts, pictures, and videos of things you've worked on - whether at your day job, internship, or on your blog - and we all know visuals are a big plus when it comes to this industry.
Hosted a cool event? Post a video or some pictures! Worked with some great brands? Leave a link to the posts! It all really helps give a well-rounded idea of your achievements.

It's a bit ballsy, but it works - I know at least 5 bloggers who have tweeted or emailed brands they've worked with in the past for internships or vacancies, and have been taken on by the team. If a brand's worked with you, and has been left with a good impression, there's no reason they wouldn't at least consider you for a social role, and the same goes for PR or marketing agencies who're familiar with your work, too.  Can't hurt to try, right?
What are your top tips for using your blog to bag that job?
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Too Faced Candlelight 'Rosey Glow' | Review

I consider highlighter to be one of my 'basic' products. As in, I'll do a coat of mascara, some concealer, and highlighter if I'm just running to the shops for some emergency jaffa cakes (yes, that is a real thing).
However, being super pale means that I find it really difficult to find a highlighter that...well, highlights. Besides which, I'm a sucker for sparkle, so I tend to go for the most obnoxious glittery ones I can find.
I'd been umm-ing and ahh-ing over the Too Faced Candlelight Glow in 'Rosey Glow' online for about 2 weeks when I finally came across it in a Sephora a few months ago, and was instantly captivated as I swatched it on my hand.
As you can (hopefully!) see in the above pictures, the Candlelight palette is a duo, and comes with a frosted champagne shade, as well as a rosy pink shade. I always opt to swirl my brush around the palette to get a bit of a warmer glow, but the champagne shade works really well as an eyebrow highlighter on its own, too.
The formula is creamy, so easily blendable, but also has some serious staying power - I never reapply, and stay sparkly all day. A word to the wise, though: it's not a subtle option, in the slightest, so if understated contouring is your kind of thing, Candlelight Glow might not be for you.
If you are a glitter-fiend/wannabe mermaid, however, go grab it, now! I've had my palette in my every day make up bag for nearly a year and it's only just hit pan, so you won't be sorry, despite the price tag. 
Too Faced Candle Light Glow in 'Rosey Glow' has an RRP of £25, and is available from Selfridges, here.
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