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My birthday was actually on Monday (the 25th), but seeing as I haven't actually made any posts as a nineteen year old as of yet, I figured I'd just share a couple of photos, until I recover enough from the events of the past few days (I'm quite convinced I've contracted some form of  'post birthday flu') to put together a slightly more cohesive post!
all star lanes london bowling alley and diner review; the all star lanes logo sign in neon above the stairs to enter 
There are three All Star Lanes locations in London (I attended the Holborn branch), all of which have three aspects; as the name would suggest, they all centre around bowling lanes - I'm not actually much of a fan of bowling, so they've never much appealed to me, but each location also contains a 50s-style diner and bar. Upon searching for a fun, laid-back location for my (rather extensive!) birthday meal, I was told the bowling wasn't actually a necessary component, so it seemed the perfect solution, and I'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a fun night out in London, special occasion or not!

I didn't get too many photos from the evening (and the ones that I do have are far from flattering, as you're about to see!), as I had some family in attendence as well as my friends, and it turns out 12-year-old cousins aren't the most reliable photographers, but I couldn't refuse them the oppurtunity to mess around with my camera a little!
chocolate birthday cake with silver candles and a gift bag reading 'saw this and...thought of you'

lamps alight on low tables at all star lanes london bowling alley and diner

francesca sophia and a friend sitting on a red leather couch and talking
I'd also like to take the chance to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday, it's lovely that so many of you took the time to do so!

Forever 21's UK Launch | Event

The forever 21 logo in white on a large black screen at the Forever 21 UK launch party in London 
Ever since Forever 21 launched their Birmingham store late last year, I have been eagerly awaiting a London branch (in all honesty, before the location of the London branch was confirmed, I was genuinely considering saving up to head to the Bullring for a major shopping spree); and, thanks to the lovely Sandra of 5inchandup, on Wednesday evening, I was given the opportunity to attend the London launch party!
a large green, pink, and yellow pier construction at the Forever 21 UK launch party in London
With Bip Ling on the decks (and fronting the launch campaign), fortune tellers, a very well-stocked teepee bar, roller girls, catering by the 'Meat Wagon' food truck (plus a lovely selection of old-fashioned pick-n-mix), and manicures by Wah! Nails, it definitely shaped up to be a great night, and I don't think the well-loved American brand could have done a better job establishing themselves on the London scene.
Pictures from the Forever 21 Launch Party in London, UK with new launch accessories and a table full of sweets
And then came the holographic catwalk show; by far one of the best representations I could have imagined of the brands' image, compiled into a few snappy minutes of high-tech 3D fashion which left everyone (in the viewing I attended, at least) in complete awe. Jewellery samples and accessories galore were piled into beach huts on a custom-made replica of the Santa Monica pier, giving anyone unfortunate fashionistas who hadn't yet been exposed to the retailer's products a great insight into their brand's image.

Forever 21 opens at 360 Oxford Street (opposite Bond Street tube station) on Wednesday 27th July; head over to Forever 21's EU Facebook page for more details and pictures from the launch!
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