Chocolate Crackle Cookies | Recipe

I've been feeling a little stressed, lately. Waiting for exam results, getting ready for (hopefully!) heading to university in September, and everything that might entail, combined with some rather unfortunate family drama has really taken it out of me.
crackle chocolate cookies sitting on a cooling rack, in a pile
 Of course, being...well, me, there's only one innate reaction I have, when feeling overwhelmed; I bake.
Now, I'm certainly not pretending to be anything but an amateur in the kitchen, but it's a hobby I've harboured for as long as I can remember, and it's a passion I've felt an overwhelming need to indulge in recent weeks.

Upon meeting with friends last week, a look of alarm quickly spread amongst them; concern, even, at the sight of my contribution to the get-together - two large packages of various homemade treats  - 'we know you're cracking up when the mixing bowls come out', mumbled A- through a mouthful of oatmeal cookie (because, no matter their concern about my personal state, they are always grateful for the homebaked goodies).
Of course, the moment I saw the name of these cookies - 'Chocolate Crackles' - I laughed, A-'s words springing instantly to mind, and I knew I just had to make them.
Plus, visually, these cookies are incredible.
crackle chocolate cookies sitting on a cooling rack, side by side
Personally, I thought they were...okay. Definitely not an unpleasant taste, don't get me wrong - and I definitely think it's a personal thing, because everyone who tried one thought they were delicious - personally, I'm not a huge fan of pure chocolate in general, but that's just me, I guess!
Mind you, it could just be that, with the sheer amount of preparation these cookies entailed, I was expecting something...more.
Definitely the kind of cookie you make to impress. Or, you know, take some quite nice photos (something the poor light in my kitchen wouldn't permit a great deal of).

What about you guys? Which hobbies or past-times do you indulge when you're feeling the pressures of everyday life? Are you a bit of an amateur baker, or is there another way to soothe yourself when you're feeling overwhelmed?
Recipe after the jump, if you're interested in whipping up a batch!

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