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Broken iPhone screen looking for Alaska by John Green
This week's had its ups and downs, like most; my first university fire drill seemed like a pretty interesting start to the week, up until the moment I dropped my iPhone (as I'm sure you can tell from the picture, I'm in need of a new screen - can anyone recommend a drop-in repair place in either Canterbury or London?); I finally finished 'One Day', which I had a love/hate relationship with, and started 'Looking for Alaska', which, so far, isn't quite living up to the expectations I'd had for it.
a desk full of brainstorms, notes, and post-it notes alongside a few pens
After spending far too much time studying this week (working at university, who'd have thought?), it soon picked up as my flatmates and I shared our first ever joint tequila night on Friday, shots downed whilst reminiscing over Dib Dab lollies and listening to some old-school R'n'B - No Scrubs, anyone?
four Domino's Pizza boxes and four tubs of ben and jerry's on a tabletwo open Domino's Pizza boxes, revealing two vegetarian pizzas, and an open domino's pizza box full of potato wedges
By Sunday, mass lethargy had, of course, kicked in, and following a disgruntled search through my flatmates' veggie student cookbook and some serious drooling over Domino's menu, we caved in and had a serious girls' night in, two huge pizzas between the three of us, and four tubs of Ben & Jerry's - some of which are still calling to me from my freezer as I type, a serious test of willpower!
Domino's dessert waffles in their delivery boxfrancesca sophia pulling a face at her desk in a university dorm room
The sad thing is, I hadn't even had anything to drink when that last photo was taken - I am just genuinely that naturally unphotogenic!
What's your guilty pleasure when you've had 'one of those weeks'? Food, like me? A good book? Tequila?

Changing Spots | Outfit Post

Leopard-Print Skater Dress - Topshop, £28; Suedette Boots - H&M, £30; Leather Satchel - River Island, £70; Heart-Shaped Pendant - Forever 21, £6.It's officially impossible to take an even semi-decent outfit post in my university accommodation.

I haven't been shopping since I moved to university, not proper, full-on, clothes shopping. Something about the daunting budget and the sudden expenses of 'reading week' and the many events going on in and around town (and the odd slightly impromptu concert weekend in London) have made splurging on clothes a little more difficult, as of late.
Needless to say, I snapped, this dress being one of the many slightly reckless purchases from a weekend of clothing-centric behaviour.
I was having withdrawals, okay?
You'll be seeing most of the latest purchases around in the next couple of weeks (as part of my self-induced resolution to start posting more outfit photographs), I'm sure.

In other news...I got Florence + the Machine tickets in the pre-sale this morning (as those following my twitter will already know)! I saw her when she was touring 'Lungs' in 2009 (back before Dog Days was played everywhere, and she's amazing live, so I'm pretty excited! Is anyone else going to see her in March?
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