Standing on Hallowed Ground [Outfit Post]

HP Deathly Hallows Necklace: Sawyer & Scout
Tee: Primark
Vest: New Look
Skirt: H&M

Occasionally, you have one of those days; there's only an hour-long lecture to get you out of bed, no plans for the evening, rain cascading maliciously, and even making yourself a hot chocolate whilst you wait for your flatmates to return from their various commitments seems like too much effort.
And then something magical happens; rooting around in the back of my drawer this morning, I remembered something downright exciting; I hadn't worn my brand-spanking new Harry Potter Deathly Hallows pendant at university! Which, obviously, lead to a strong need to build an entire outfit around it...
Am I the only one who does this?

Little White Tee [Outfit Post]

Tee: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21
Bangle: H&M

It's been all go, the past couple of days - I moved back into my university flat on Saturday, the last of the flatmates to return, which, naturally, meant a vast deal of alcohol was consumed, and some late-night brownie/cookie hybrids concocted, whilst Sunday was spent clinging desperately onto the final vestiges of freedom, some serious retail therapy, and a good old Pret lunch - what's not to love?

I'm actually quite surprised with myself for returning for my second semester, in all honesty; being in London for a whole month made me realise just how much I missed my hometown, and I now know what I should have seriously worked out before I started here - I don't want to be studying psychology, not to the extent that I'd have to to get the 'dream job'. However, logic prevailed, and between quitting my course, wasting all that time, effort and money, being unemployed and having nowhere to live, or coming back to a place that, okay, isn't as fast-paced as I'm used to, but is a beautiful city, and flatmates who I am so incredibly lucky to have, who've quickly become amazing friends, the latter option seemed the best solution.

I could have been a page straight out of the latest H&M catalogue, today, but I feel like that sums me up pretty well, regardless. I fell intoxicatingly in love with this tee from the moment I saw it, and the skirt soon, somehow, found its way into my basket (completely by accident, of course, happens all the time)!

Is everyone else back at university by now? How's the new semester treating you?
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