L'Oreal Super Liner Black Vinyl Review

I'll be the first to admit that I am a total liquid liner newbie; although I've dabbled with both gel and pencil liners in the past, if I'm after a simple black line these days, I'm more likely to turn to the flat-tipped brush included in my Naked 2 palette.
However, after semi-obsessively YouTubing several 'winged eyeliner' tutorials with my flatmates last week, I kind of figured it might be time for a bit of an upgrade, and finally caved in when I came across L'Oreal's super liner in my local Superdrug, as I'd seen tonnes of good reviews floating around the Blogosphere - what would I do without it?
The shade pictured above is 'Black Vinyl', which dries with a slight sheen to it (and yes, it is dry in this swatch), and I love it; the colour is an intensely rich black with great coverage - no wishy-washy watered down shades of grey here - and the eyeliner stays put for a long time - even during my 20+ hour days in the library now exam time's upon us. The applicator has a very thin tip, making it easy to draw precise lines in one flick (although, I'll admit it's a little more of a struggle for my inexperienced hands...), although it is prone to drying a little in-between lines, which can be quite frustrating.
My only real complaint, with L'Oreal's super liner is, however, in removing the line at the end of the day; as a student, I am fairly prone to waking up with last night's mascara still glued to my lashes (yet, somehow, the foundation etc always manages to make its way onto a face wipe), and spending 5-10 minutes per eye on getting off that pretty little wing is far from ideal.

So, all in all, would I recommend the product? Definitely. Although the removal was a little annoying and I wasn't a huge fan of the applicator's inability to pick up quite enough product, I just can't argue with the intensity of the colour, or the incredibly smudge-proof formula, and I'd suggest you grab some as soon as you can!

L'Oreal's Super Liner is available for £6.49 in a range of shades, at all large Superdrug and Boots stores, and online at the Boots website, here. Black Vinyl, although not available online at either of these stores, is currently listed in a number of auctions on eBay, here.

Weekly Wants #5

1. Embellished cut-out skater dress, £29.99, Missguided (here); 2. L'Oreal Paris super liner, £6.49, Boots (here);
3. Dusty pink sweetheart dress, £30.99, Glamorous UK (here); 4. Colour block satchel, £55, Accessorize (here);
5. 'Myth' fashion set, £35.50, MAC Cosmetics (here); 6. Black heart print summer dress, £24, Lavish Alice, (here).

The last couple of days here in Canterbury have allowed for short bursts of sunlight (although I've been able to appreciate none of it, due to long hours spent holed up in the library), and are making me quite excited for the upcoming sunshine which I hope we'll be seeing over summer.
Weather like this, in my opinion, means two things; pretty, floaty dresses in light fabrics and fun prints, and nude make up; soft neutrals and the occasional flick of eyeliner (I've actually been practicing my 'winged eyeliner' look this week, with some pretty pleasing results!). 

I'm not normally the kind of person who looks forward to summer, much, but my flatmate and I are hoping to get in a girly summer holiday this year, so the end of the exam period can't come quickly enough!

Have you been lucky enough to enjoy some decent weather this week? What's your go-to summer look?

Psssssstttt! I added some more goodies to my eBay, you can check out my listings here.

Cheeky Boom! [MUA Lip Boom Review]

Have you ever wanted to like a product so badly, but been unable to find the enthusiasm to write a rave review? That's pretty much how I'm feeling as I sit down to review Make Up Academy's Lip Boom lipstick/highlighting gloss (designed by Alexandra Burke); although I'm sure anyone who's been reading my blog for a while knows I'm usually a huge advocate of MUA as a brand, in all honesty, this release, after all the hype, left me a little cold.
My local Superdrug doesn't have the best selection of MUA products, so I hit the website to place an order for Lip Boom on the evening it was released (eager beaver!); although I was a little underwhelmed with the shade selection (there are eight, in all), being a fan of a nude/pink lip more than anything else, I eventually opted for 'cheeky' (swatched above), and I'll admit to being a little disappointed when it arrived, as I find it to be quite a garish pink, and I'm not much of a fan - maybe OK.com would have suited me a little more?
The product wand comes with two ends; a lipstick and 'highlighter', which, according to the website, gives users the possibility of four looks; naturally, I tried out all four combinations of the two solutions, but each new attempt left me slightly more disappointed than the last.
The lipstick: Despite all my intuition telling me to run and hide from the incredibly prominent shade - bright colours do my complexion no favours, I went for it anyway, and, ignoring how washed out I looked due to the poor choice, I found the lipstick to be incredibly drying. I'm not someone with cracked, dry, lips, but I found Lip Boom's lipstick to really stick in the creases of my lips, and it didn't leave for a great effect.
The highlighter: I'm not really sure what the intended effect of the highlighter is, but as far as I was concerned, it was just a very sheer, very glittery lip gloss, with the flecks of glitter being so dense and thick that I could actually feel them on my lips; I really didn't like the formula at all, and scrubbed it off straight away.

So, overall? Not a fan. I was seriously disappointed with the Lip Boom range, and I definitely won't be buying any more.

Did you try out the MUA Lip Booms? How did you get on with them?

Make Up Academy's Lip Booms are available for £3 at all big Superdrug stores, or online on the Make Up Academy website, here

Microwaveable Protein Muffin [Recipe]

After instagraming the super healthy protein-packed microwaveable muffin I've been making myself for breakfast/occasional snacking last week, I got a bunch of tweets asking for the recipe - and, whilst I referred everyone who asked to this original version on Blogilates, I figured I'd share my personal favourite way to whip up this healthy treat for anyone who, like me, likes something a little sweeter for their morning meal.
This is all you'll need for the berry version; for the plain muffin, just omit the blackberries! It's also completely up to you which porridge you use; this was all I had at home, but I intend to switch to the golden syrup variety when I get back to university.
Just a word of warning, before I give you the full recipe: the bigger the mug, the better. I've done this muffin in smaller mugs, and found I had to watch it extremely carefully to ensure the whole mixture didn't overflow; it's not going to hurt the taste/texture of the muffin if you choose something a little smaller/thinner, but please make sure you watch it very carefully. Cleaning up porridge explosions is never fun, but especially not when egg is involved.
I also recommend cute plates. For every meal if you can help it, but especially breakfast. Always a good start to the day.
...And now for the recipe!
Microwaveable Protein Muffin:
Makes 1 muffin.

  • Half a sachet (about 18g)  of instant oats (I use honey & almond flavour)
  • 1 medium egg
  • 1/2 tsp of ground nutmeg
  1. Pour the oats, egg and nutmeg into a microwave-safe mug; beat with a fork until fully combined.
    This is where you'd throw your berries in, if you were having them.
  2. Place your mug in the microwave, blasting it for 30 second intervals until the top is firm, and the mixture is pulling away from the sides slightly. Mine generally takes about 2 minutes in a 700W microwave. 
  3. Tip the mug upside down over your plate, and getting munching! Careful, though - it's hot!
And, just in case you were wondering, this is what your muffin'll look like if you opt to add some (black)berries. Yum!
This super-healthy, protein-filled breakfast muffin clocks in at 130 calories without the berries, and 145 with 3-4 blackberries.
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