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l'oreal super liner black vinyl packaging and review; l'oreal super liner in black laquer lying on a bed
I'll be the first to admit that I am a total liquid liner newbie; although I've dabbled with both gel and pencil liners in the past, if I'm after a simple black line these days, I'm more likely to turn to the flat-tipped brush included in my Naked 2 palette.
However, after semi-obsessively YouTubing several 'winged eyeliner' tutorials with my flatmates last week, I kind of figured it might be time for a bit of an upgrade, and finally caved in when I came across L'Oreal's super liner in my local Superdrug, as I'd seen tonnes of good reviews floating around the Blogosphere - what would I do without it?
swatch of the l'oreal super liner in black vinyl on a hand
The shade pictured above is 'Black Vinyl', which dries with a slight sheen to it (and yes, it is dry in this swatch), and I love it; the colour is an intensely rich black with great coverage - no wishy-washy watered down shades of grey here - and the eyeliner stays put for a long time - even during my 20+ hour days in the library now exam time's upon us. The applicator has a very thin tip, making it easy to draw precise lines in one flick (although, I'll admit it's a little more of a struggle for my inexperienced hands...), although it is prone to drying a little in-between lines, which can be quite frustrating.
My only real complaint, with L'Oreal's super liner is, however, in removing the line at the end of the day; as a student, I am fairly prone to waking up with last night's mascara still glued to my lashes (yet, somehow, the foundation etc always manages to make its way onto a face wipe), and spending 5-10 minutes per eye on getting off that pretty little wing is far from ideal.

So, all in all, would I recommend the product? Definitely. Although the removal was a little annoying and I wasn't a huge fan of the applicator's inability to pick up quite enough product, I just can't argue with the intensity of the colour, or the incredibly smudge-proof formula, and I'd suggest you grab some as soon as you can!

L'Oreal's Super Liner is available for £6.49 in a range of shades, at all large Superdrug and Boots stores, and online at the Boots website.
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