Shine 2013 | Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK is a charity that's always been very close to my heart; it's a decade, this year, since my grandmother died from Renal Cancer, and I've always been as active as possible in raising money for the cause.
That's why, this year, I'm taking part in the Shine Walk; a night-time half-marathon through London to raise money for Cancer Research. It's not til September, but the training starts this week, for me - and so does the fundraising!
And no, that's not what this blog post is about - not that donations aren't welcome over on my Just Giving page - but for those of you that are in London in September, or one of the other cities involved, I'd strongly recommend you get involved, or take a look, it's a great cause, and nowhere near as strenuous as it sounds!

Are you getting involved in any charity or fundraising events this year? Would you?
You can read more about why I'm taking the Shine Walk (or donate) on my Just Giving page, here.
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Breakfast at Midnight | OOTD

Earrings: Accessorize
Necklace: Forever 21
Bangles: Tipawan Flowers, Greenwich Market
Shoestring Vest (underneath): New Look
Scalloped-Edge Vest: Variation from Missguided or similar here
Tribal Skirt: Missguided or similar here

How confusing is the weather, lately? One minute, it's snowing as I set off for my morning run, and then next, my housemate and I are talking about throwing together a last-minute picnic in the park by our house - so unpredictable!

I'm finally back in London for a few days now for my university break (we broke up about a fortnight after every other university in the UK, for some reason), so I'm seriously looking forward to taking a bit of a break (read: catching up on blogs and scheduling some new posts) before the intense exam revision starts!

Anyway, this outfit was thrown together as a result of some unseasonably sunny weather this week (which I, naturally, spent holed up in my university library, transcribing what felt like 7 hours' worth of speech - you wouldn't think I took psychology, would you?). The skirt was a bit of an impulse-buy from MissGuided last year, which I've barely worn - although I can't for the life of me figure out why, it's a lot more flattering in 'real life' than it looks above!
I generally stay away from 'busy' prints on my lower half as my hips are my 'problem area', and stick to more fitted styles on my upper half, so this is definitely not a stereotypical outfit choice, and I still don't know what possessed me to grab it out of my wardrobe - let's call it an assignment-induced blur?

How are you handling the ever-changing weather, wardrobe wise? 
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