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tan cut out ankle boots with slight heels and two gold buckles on overlapping straps on the side, sitting next to each other on a red and pink floral bedspread
Winter's coming; whilst the odd scattering of sunshine occasionally peaks through the clouds (in Kent, at least), there's just no avoiding the fact that it's slowly becoming colder, the days are becoming greyer, the nights darker.
Personally, I couldn't be happier with the onset of the colder months; despite being a July baby, I've always preferred being wrapped up in a scarf, wandering around under Oxford Street's Christmas lights, or snuggling up under a blanket with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate.
tan cut out ankle boots with slight heels and two gold buckles on overlapping straps on the side, sitting next to each other on a red and pink floral bedspread on francescasophia.co.uk
Whilst normally, at this time of year, I'd have started a list for all my Christmas shopping (only 13 weekends left to shop for your loved ones!), the promise of student finance next week meant a recent trip to New Look left me giving in, shamelessly, to the temptation of one of my biggest weaknesses; new shoes.
Don't get me wrong; these boots are wildly impractical; the heel won't do for icy streets (or the cobbled ones in Canterbury, really), and once we reach a cold snap in October or November, I don't doubt I'll freeze in these, due to the cut-outs…but honestly, all my intentions of buying myself some sensible footwear evaporated the second I laid eyes on these.
And, at £24.99 (not including student discount, for anyone else who's making the most of their NUS card before they lose the luxury for good!), who can blame me for being totally suckered in?
The Cut Out Panel Buckle Boots are currently on sale for £22.49, and are available in both tan and black, from New Look stores, or on their website.
What's your most recent 'impractical buy'?

Joules Duvets | Lifestyle

1. Reversible Cambridge floral duvet cover; 2. Sunbird floral duvet cover.

As anyone who knows me (and/or follows me on Instagram) knows, I have a pretty severe obsession with homeware and interior design; I'm the girl who buys Elle Decoration, makes mood boards, and watches all the blogger 'room tours' on YouTube...despite the fact that, being a full-time student, I don't actually have a permanent residence, yet.
Naturally, this means I have to channel my obsession into more accessible options, and aside from hoarding candles/tealight holders, my biggest homeware obsession has to be duvets.
3. Reversible hotch potch duvet set; 4. English garden duvet cover.

Right now, I'm actually a little torn between which of these four gorgeous offerings from the Joules range of duvet covers to add to my collection - I've always had white floral duvets, for as long as I can remember, so I'm leaning slightly toward the more vibrant aqua options, but beyond that, I really can't decide (which means I'll probably cave and order both). Fingers crossed I reach a decision soon, though - my university bedroom is in need of a serious makeover!
Joules' duvet covers range between £40-£55, and can be found on their website, here.
Are you a fan of homeware/interiors?
Or am I the only one who finds the prospect this exciting?
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