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I've been on a bit of a 'health kick', this year; clean eating, extended workouts, attempting to start a little light weight-training, upping my protein intake...2014 is the year I really decided to take things seriously, for health reasons. It hasn't been the smoothest of rides, so far, but with the ever-growing number of health & fitness apps available right on my iPhone are making it a little easier, so I figured I'd throw together a little list of my favourites, for anyone who's looking to start/continue along their own healthy journey.
My Fitness Pal
Although I'm pretty sure everyone's probably heard of this app, by now, I couldn't quite bring myself to do a health & fitness post without including it.
In case you don't know, My Fitness Pal is a website which you can use to track your calorie intake (and expenditure) every day, and this app allows you to sync your mobile to your online diary, meaning you can search and add your foods and exercise whilst on-the-go. You can also track your macros (read: carbs, proteins, and fats) daily, which is pretty handy if you're trying to build muscle etc.
This is, by far, my favourite fitness app. Created by the founder of POPilates on YouTube, Cassey Ho, this app allows you free access to all her POP Pilates, POP HIIT, and stretching routines, all on one easy platform, as well as easy organisation of all her clean-eating recipes (which are also available on
The best feature, as far as I'm concerned, however, is the inbuilt workout calendar.  For just 69p per month, you can download a 30 days' worth of recommended workouts, devised by Cassey herself, which incorporate HIIT, toning, and stretching videos, to really encourage your body to burn fat and develop muscle.
Previously known as 'GymPact', it's an app which asks you to commit to working out for just 30 minutes/day, for however many days you choose to commit to. For every day you workout, you get some money, and if you miss your number of workouts for the week, you pay a penalty (the amount of which you decide). There's a motion detector, for those of us who prefer at-home workouts, or you can use the app to check in to your gym, and can sync it to a number of different apps, so you don't run the risk of your workout being discounted.
Personally, as I used to struggle to 'find time' for cardio, I find this gives me the extra incentive to workout, and generally make about $10/month just from something I should be doing, anyway.
Also allows syncing with other apps, which makes meeting your 30 minutes much easier.
Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club is my absolute go-to for at-home workouts that really get your heart pumping; you simply select your goal; toning, gaining strength, melting fat, and select a routine that targets the area you're most looking to work. The app lets you preview all the moves, and you complete a few rounds of circuit training (the number of which varies, depending on your workout length). The app even gives you an estimated calorie burn, and you can unlock bonus content, the more you use the app. 
The only downside to the app is that some of the workouts do ask you to use some equipment that you might not have at home - medicine balls, dumbells, etc.
RunKeeper is an app that allows you to use your phone's GPS to track your walking, cycling, running, swimming, skating, and rowing, amongst other activities, and tracks your distance, time, and calorie-burn. You can even sync it to your My Fitness Pal account, to automatically account for it in your daily calorie intake. 

What are your favourite health and fitness apps? 
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