Polar Fitness FT4 Heart Rate Monitor | Product Review

I've been on a bit of a 'health kick' over the past few months; I've been stepping up my workout routine and getting back into clean eating in a bid to lose some post-birthday weight, and training for the Shine London half-marathon for the second year in a row.
However, anyone who knows me knows I'm a bit of a control freak, so when it comes to weight loss, intuitive eating just doesn't cut it for me; I'm a calorie-counter, through and through...and that's why, as exercise is slowly becoming such a big part of my life, estimating my calories burned just wasn't cutting it any more, and I had to invest in a more precise way to check my progress; that's where my new toy, the Polar Fitness FT4 Heart-Rate Monitor, came in.
For anyone who's new to the world of heart-rate monitors, they generally consist of two parts; a chest strap, which you have to wear just above your waist (where your sports bra would end, when you're in workout gear), and a watch that you use to monitor your heart rate whilst you're working out. They register your heart rate, calories burned, and whether or not you're in your fat-burning zone.   

I am absolutely in love with my FT4, I have to admit; I did have a slight problem with the original strap they sent me, but I emailed the company and they replaced it within about 3 days - so I really can't complain. The strap stays in place during the most strenuous exercises (it even passed the dreaded burpee test!), so I can't recommend it enough; if you're a calorie-counter, or just very into your workouts and want to know if you're imrpoving, the Polar FT4 is something I can't recommend enough.
The Polar Fitness FT4 Heart Rate Monitor retails for £74.50 from the Polar Fitness website, here.
Mine is from eBay, here, however, and cost me £54.
What are your favourite fitness-related products? Do you use a HRM?
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Rimmel 'Keep Calm' Lip Balms | Review & Swatches

 It was only a matter of time before a beauty brand jumped on the 'Keep Calm' bandwagon, wasn't it? And it probably isn't surprising that Rimmel, with its constant selection of bright, fun colours, and a very London-centric image, have released the 'Keep Calm' lip balm range.
Now, I can't deny that these are incredibly similar to the Maybelline 'Baby Lips' range, being rich, moisturising lip balms with a subtle hint of sheer colour, but I have to admit, I actually prefer the 'Keep Calm' range. Even the darker shades in the range are very sheer, so much more flattering for those of us with pale(ish) skin, and they are every bit as moisturising as I'd expect from any 'regular' lip balm.
Swatches Left-Right: Keep Calm and Rock; Keep Calm and Party; Keep Calm and Kiss

As you can (hopefully) see in the swatches, above, the lip balms have a very natural shine to them, and there's enough of a difference in the shades to justify buying more than one shade (ideal, when Boots have a 3 for 2 on!) - at least, that's what I keep telling myself.
I'd have to seriously recommend these to anyone who wants to maybe branch out into wearing some more adventurous lip colours, or to anyone who's a fan of the natural look. They also look incredible with a smoky eye!
The Rimmel 'Keep Calm' lip balms are available for £2.99 each, and are available from Boots and Superdrug stores nationwide, and from the Boots website, here, or the Superdrug website, here (where Rimmel is currently on offer: 2 for £5!).
Have you tried the 'Keep Calm' range, or Maybelline's 'Baby Lips'?
What are your thoughts on sheer lip balms?
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Body Shop Sorbets in Strawberry and Moringa | Product Review

'What on earth is a body sorbet?!' was pretty much my reaction when I first spotted these popping up in the blogosphere. Body butter, sure. Body soufflé, even. But body sorbet? I was immediately curious, and just had to pick some up when I was in The Body Shop a few weeks ago.
Judging by the fact that there are two different scents of the product in the pictures for this post, I'm thinking you can guess what my reaction was - love. Pure, obsessive, irrevocable love.
The texture is - and I apologise, in advance, for saying this - like sorbet. Almost a matte-gel formula. Deliciously smooth, on the skin. Incredibly moisturising.
 My skin is always a little dry, when I've been out in the sun, but a couple of weeks of body sorbet has seriously boosted its hydration, and I can't remember the last time I was this impressed with a body butter/lotion/cream. My only real complaint was that it takes a little longer than I'd like to be fully absorbed into the skin, but then it doesn't leave a residue once it is, so it's not much of a criticism.
As for the scents, the strawberry was my first purchase, but it might be a little sickly for some, as it's quite strong. The 'moringa', on the other hand, whilst being quite a heavy scent - similar to jasmine or gardenia - lingers only subtly throughout the day; enough to keep you feeling fresh, but not so much that it's overpowering.
The Body Shop body sorbets are available for £8 from their stores, nationwide, or online (here for the strawberry, here for the moringa, and here to browse the full range).
Have you tried any of the 'body sorbet' range? What's your favourite product to save dry summer skin?
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Mulberry Bow Continental Wallet [22nd Birthday] | New In

I was very lucky, this summer, in that my 22nd birthday and the date of my graduation fell pretty close together, so I got to celebrate with friends and family for about a month (!) as opposed to my normal week-long birthday celebrations.
Naturally, that meant I was spoiled rotten, a bit, and the first half of my birthday/graduation present (more on the second half soon, promise!) was something I'd been lusting after for years; a Mulberry wallet - and probably the most gorgeous one I've ever seen.
Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with wallets and bags, but the Mulberry 'Bow Continental' is so superior to any I've owned before. The leather is gorgeous, soft, and shiny, and...well, perfect. It also has space for 12 cards, which is a huge bonus for me (I think I might own every loyalty card that exists on the UK high street!), and it has two interior compartments, just in case you, unlike me, actually have cash to slip in there.
I have to admit, owning this little slice of Mulberry heaven has completely renewed my desire to own that infamous Bayswater - and I've been working twice as hard to up my savings since unwrapping this beauty.
The Mulberry 'Bow Continental' wallet in 'Ballet Pink' is available from Mulberry stockists nationwide, or online on the Mulberry website, for £295. 
What's your ultimate designer wish?
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