That's So All In One Protective Dry Oil Spray & After Sun | Review

that's so all in one protective dry oil spray and aftersun, in bright yellow and pink packaging, lying on a bed
The weather in London has been gorgeous lately; proper sunshine - the kind that makes you wish you didn't have a 9-6 job.
Naturally, all I've wanted to do is go for evening walks, visit cute little beer gardens, and lounge at roof top bars with a glass of wine. It would have usually been a bit of a struggle, with my fella being the world's palest human (the kind that burns on a cloudy day. In Cornwall), and me having Mediterranean genes that pretty much mean I never burn. Between us, we've had to spend a fortune on varying SPFs and varying levels of after sun. It's made me question our entire relationship, to be honest.

That's when I found out about That's So 'Pure Sun' All in One SPF & After Sun (*). The premise of the SPF is that one bottle will provide you with anywhere between 20 and 50 SPF; simply spray one layer for 20 SPF, wait 3 minutes, spray a second layer for 30 SPF, then wait another 3 minutes and spray again for 50 SPF protection. Sounds too good to be true, right? But here's the thing: it works. I sprayed my fella with three layers, and did one myself, and it was perfect. I caught a nice summer glow, he stayed Caspar-pale. We were impressed.
It's a dry oil spray, which means it wasn't sticky, and it didn't leave any suspicious-looking stains on our clothes. It goes on pretty much transparent, too, which is exactly what I look for in my SPF, personally.

My favourite out of the two products, however, has to be the after sun - I'm really picky about my after sun skincare, because I hate peeling (who doesn't), and get so overheated if I use anything too thick. The 'That's So' after sun, however, is cooling, sprays on in a thin layer, and feels so incredibly moisturising. It contains Aloe Vera, as well as Inhiphase, which are both anti-inflammatory and soothing, and honestly, I couldn't recommend it more.

The price points are a little steep, for me, so I might not repurchase the sun cream, depending on what the London weather does, but the aftersun is safely in my online basket, awaiting payday.
The That's So 'Pure Sun' All in One SPF & After Sun (*) are available on the 'That's So' website, and both retail for £18.95.
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My Deaf Boyfriend | Life

I apologise for the crude-sounding title of this post, but...well, it's what it's about, so...

I had a blog post planned for today. It was about eyeliner. And then I got a message, at about 12.45pm, that turned my blood ice cold, and made me pack my things frantically, telling my boss I'd had an 'emergency' and twirling out of my office as fast as my tiny little legs would carry me.

The message that had my heart pounding? It was from my boyfriend, telling me that his speech processor wasn't working; that he could no longer hear.

George and I have been together for nearly 8 months, but we've known eachother for slightly over 10. It took him two weeks to tell me he was profoundly deaf; that, without the cochlear implant he'd had fitted at three years old, and the speech processor that attached to it, he was unable to hear anything at all.
cochlear implant scar and speech processor
The speech processor George has to wear, which magnetically connects to the cochlear implant in his head, and his scar from the surgery.
 George had just celebrated his third birthday when he contracted Tuberculous Meningitis; he spent his third Christmas in a coma. When he eventually awoke, his father noticed he wasn't reacting to loud sounds, it emerged quite quickly that the TB Meningitis had effected his inner ear, leaving him deaf. A few months later, he had the cochlear surgery, during which an electronic device is placed inside the ear, replacing the function of the inner ear. The speech processor connects to this, on the surface, which means George is able to 'hear' through his left ear, whilst wearing his processor.

Luckily, George was able to have this operation on the NHS, through the Nottingham Auditory Implant Programme; The Ear Foundation was able to provide support for his parents, as well as accommodation during the procedure. He has a wonderful family, and although it was hard, he has grown into a wonderful, understanding, kind, and balanced man. He is lucky, and I am lucky to know him.
George doesn't know sign language (although I keep bugging him to come and learn it with me), but he can lip read. When there's a problem with any of his tech, we make do with enunciation and the occasional text message. We go to the cinema; Genesis in East London has excellent acoustic, and often has subtitled screenings. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have subtitled options on all of their shows. We meet friends, go out, have fun. He's come to gigs with me. 
I hold his hand in the dark, because he has no balance. He spills things. Occasionally, the tech malfunctions. If I'm annoying him, he can whip his speech processor off, and ignore me. We had to download the transcript of the Serial podcast so he could read it, instead of listening. 
It is not easy, but through the work of so many organisations, it is possible.
Donate to the Ear Foundation, here.
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Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade: Worth the Hype? | Review

an open pot of anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade in 'taupe' lies next to the anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade brush and an eyebrow comb
Is it just me, or is blogger 'hype' not much of a thing, any more? When I first started blogging, everyone had their 'Holy Grail' products, and it seemed that four of five of them would be on everyone's lists. Nowadays, there seems to be a lot more diversity in the products that get reviewed - we're spoiled for choice.

Anyway, Anastasia Beverly Hills' Dip Brow Pomade is one of the few products that has had a bit of a hype surrounding it - all over YouTube, Instagram, and the Blogosphere, and with a dozen copycat versions, at least. Obviously, as a big believer in good eyebrows being a necessity for, well, everyone, I had to pick some up when I was in New York.

Worth the hype? Yes. It's waterproof, but blendable, and unlike a lot of the cheaper copycats, it's not at all drying. No flaky eyebrows here, thanks. It's also available in twelve shades, which means it's pretty easy to get one that matches your own (the one pictured here is Auburn).
And yes, £15 seems a little steep for such a tiny pot, but I've used mine daily, for 9 months, and I'm not even halfway through the pot.

One word of advice: I've used it both with and without the Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush, and you're going to want to invest in one. It's soft, but dense, which makes blending so much easier, and gives a really natural final look.

Go, buy. Now. 
Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade is available from Beauty Bay, RRP £15.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush is available from Cult Beauty, RRP £14.
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Zara Martin x Skinny Dip Kitty Headphones | New In

Zara Martin x Skinny Dip Kitty Headphones in their packaging on a floral duvet
Every once in a while, I come across items online and immediately scream 'I must have it' (much to my family/friends' annoyance), and these Skinny Dip x Zara Martin headphones from the 'Wild' collection were exactly a case of that. They're cat ears. In rose gold. How could I not want them?
Zara Martin x Skinny Dip Kitty Headphones out of their packaging and on a floral bedspread
Just to clarify, I am the furthest thing from an audio nerd - the whole 'Beats' thing flew right over my head, and I could not even start to tell you why Sennheiser are better than Bose - but the sound quality of these has blown me away. Whilst I did initially nab these for the style, alone, I have been so impressed with them that I've started recommending all Skinnydip headphones to anyone who'll listen. 
You probably couldn't take them to the studio, but you can look pretty awesome on the underground.
SkinnyDip x Zara Martin headphones are available on their website, here, or instore from Urban Outfitters, RRP £35. You can browse the rest of the SkinnyDip headphone range here.
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